Foam Blaster Combo

Worth 80 entries

Our Best Selling Detail Products + Foam Canon and Super Foam, all in one Discounted (10%) Bundle! Heres your fundamentals:

Foam Canon: Automatically blends the optimum water, air, and soap combination resulting in sudsy greatness from its 33.81OZ wide stance base. Spray a little, or a lot to lubricates rough dirt particles to prevent swirls and scratches with every wipe. 

Super FoamSuper concentrated Foam is a pH Neutral formula, highly concentrated, mild cleaning soap that creates mountains and mountains of foam. Minty Patchouli Fragrance. Best use for Dirty, Soil, Roam Film and other contaminants. Safe on Glass, Paint, and Trim

Directions: Fill, Aim, Spray, Wipe, Repeat!

Saftey Data Sheet

Collections: New Arrivals, Premium Car Care

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