Previous Winners

Ultimate Enthusiast Giveaway #1:

- MacBook Pro: David Weiss 

David Weiss - Ultimate Enthusiast Giveaway #1 Winner  

- GoPro Hero 5: Phillip Squarcetta

- $100: Samuel Ownes

- Enthuzst Merch Kit (Per Person): Zac Corro & Bailey Hoogenboom

Ultimate Enthusiast Giveaway #2:

- $2000: Jonathan Miller 

Ultimate Enthusiast Giveaway #3:

- 2017 Highlighter Yellow Honda Grom: Scott Henry

Pictured: Kade (right) and Scott (Left)

Kade pretty much claimed it for himself..

Ultimate Enthusiast Giveaway #4:

2018 White Honda Grom with subtle upgrades: Garrett Hall  

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